Passive income with Plaentz NFT

Secure and transparent crop yields thanks to blockchain technology in an ever-growing billion-dollar market!

Why Plaentz NFT

Swiss Quality

Many years of experience and know-how in cannabis cultivation and handling.

Passive income

you will generate a passive income with constant profits without doing anything

Pay with crypto

fast and secure payments with several crypto payment methodes

NFT Cannabis

Connect Cannabis and NFTs with Plaentz

Plaentz takes crowd growing to a new level: our team of experts, who specialize in hemp & crypto, combine two worlds with enormous growth potential into one superfusion.

At Plaentz, we are committed to quality, where we do not cut corners. In our Swiss production, not only professional plant cultivation is carried out, but above all plant research. Thanks to this background, we can guarantee that we always have our finger on the pulse and thus combine the best quality with maximum yields.

All this happens at Plaentz blockchain-based by means of NFT’s, because we love transparency, security and future-oriented planning.

Plaentz NFT

The blockchain is the future and offers many advantages over classic models.

Through the innovative blockchain-based implementation and our plants as NFT, we offer our users the opportunity to flexibly manage their plants and also self-determined via our marketplace (coming soon!) Transfer and resell at a profit.

In doing so, we offer full transparency over every process and also many more benefits as an NFT holder.

Cannabis Plant NFT